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F.A.B GIRLS UNITE participates in; Mentoring, community service and enrichment activities as they gain the ability to confidently lead themselves and empower others to pursue excellence.



To ensure physical distancing doesn’t mean social disconnection. Be Fearless Forever Academy continues to reach adolescent girls through our new collection of virtual programming and activities to help girls stay connected and empowered during this challenging time. The power of mentoring relationship is important, NOW more than ever! B.F.F.A launches a virtual mentorship program

F.A.B GIRLS UNITE ( I am Fabulous, Ambitious & Beautiful) to continue meeting the challenges of adolescents and young adult hood through a coordinated, progressive series of high quality unique curriculum with fun and educative activities and learning experiences that help them achieve social, emotional, spiritual, and physical well being. F.A.B GIRLS UNITE participate in; Mentoring, community service and enrichment activities as they gain the ability to confidently lead themselves and empower others to pursue excellence. F.A.B. girls also gain the ability to analyze their own strengths and weaknesses set personal and vocational goals and have the self confidence and self esteem to pursue and achieve their goals. They are surrounded with mentors that truly listen and care. One on One and group counseling and coaching are a part of the program.

F.A.B GIRLS UNITE Virtual mentorship program needed! Join our Be Fearless Forever Academy reaching girls ages 8 – 22 yrs. Our group mentorship program is now being delivered virtually for ages 13 – 22 yrs. To register fill the form below to participate in the workshop.


Women have made vast strides over the past few decades. Women occupy higher levels of workforce participation and take on more leadership roles than ever before. These accomplishments should be acknowledged, celebrated and utilized in building programming for all girls. Although women have more opportunities than ever before, many girls still face systemic barriers and oppressive practices that negatively impact their personal growth and development. On a daily basis, girls deal with issues related to their physical and mental health, body image, gender and self-esteem. A large percentage of young girls also deal with poverty, early pregnancy, GBV, child trafficking and drugs on a daily basis. Violence against women and girls continues to be a serious problem.




Ages 13 – 17 – High school is a bridge from girlhood to young adulthood. It is time of transition and rapid physical development that leaves many girls with bruised emotions and diminished esteem as their bodies, emotions, and relationships begin to change. B.F.F.A nurtures young ladies through this volatile life stage so they feel accepted and worthwhile and then emerge as vibrant, confident, and assured young ladies.


Ages 18 – 22 – Young ladies in high school & university are searching for independence and identity. Their personal needs and priorities are the basis for goals they set for their lives. They are ready to explore and prepare for future careers and responsibilities. B.F.F supports these young ladies in discovering their potential and serving as a beacon to other young ladies, the Beginnings and Bridges young ladies.


B.F.F virtual mentorship Program is an enrichment program designed to build character, self-esteem and develop strong leadership skills in girls ages 13 – 22 yrs. The program offers virtual workshops through empowering, equipping and promoting self- confidence in girls through mentorship. B.F.F mentorship Program aims to work with girls at an early age to prevent teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, gang involvement, GBV, and other high risk behaviors. The program covers topics such as;

Live weekly interactive sessions with mentors

Biblical Truth for girls

Confidence and self – esteem

Goal setting and career development

Mentorship, counseling and coaching

Peer pressure and building resilience

Leadership , morals, values

Health education and wellness

Effects of COVID 19 amongst adolescents online discussions

Virtual team building – Interactive and creative activities – Fun! Fun! Fun!

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The program will be facilitated by Founder & Executive Director Yasmeen Z. Ojwang Founder of Kujenga Tumaini professional healing coach with over 7 years of experience. Yasmeen has extended her clinical skills to global regions such as India and Kenya where she has been able to practice trauma focused therapy and community work

Nancy Akeyo Co- Founder & Director of program operations Kujenga Tumaini adolescents’ mentorship expert, passionate about girls and women empowerment with a wealthy of experience working with the adolescents and youths for the last 10 years.

In additional, trained peer mentors will also join us in some program sessions.


The online 8 weeks program will
cost Ksh 20,000 ( $200) Per student. More than one student from the same family get a 50% discount.


Pen & note book
Heads phone/ear phone


General details

Thank you for your interest and support of our inaugural online F.A.B Girls Unite mentorship!

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Participant (s) (13 -22 yrs) registration

Every Saturdays from 25th July – 12th Sept,2020

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1) Mpesa pay bill 453185

Account Number: Kujenga Tumaini

2) Bank details:
A/C Name: Kujenga Tumaini Kenya (LTD)
Bank Name: Equity Bank Kenya L.T.D
A/C Number: 1080278553801
Branch Code; 068
Swift code: EQBLKENA (International transfer)

For more info and questions, feel free to email or call (+254)-722-978-446,+1(929)217-7506

Mental Health & Empowerment

Kujenga Tumaini believes that women and girls should have access to quality mental health services within their communities.

 We provide individual therapy to women and girls in a safe space that’s conducive for Transformation and Healing.

 We facilitate transformative healing support groups and workshops for survivors of gender-based violence.

Be Fearless Forever Academy

Kujenga Tumaini believes that girls have a higher success rate when they have a chance to engage in mentor/mentee relationships with qualified mentors and ongoing peer-to-peer support.

Be Fearless Forever focuses on empowering our girls to become the leaders of tomorrow

Equipping and

Kujenga Tumaini believes that educators’ benefit from equipping and training that addresses trauma informed care, behavioral health, and child development. It is important that educators understand what it means to be trauma sensitive and trauma informed while working with vulnerable youth.

Our trainings address parent teacher relationships, teacher and administration relationships with students, and safe learning environments for students.