Be Fearless Forever Academy

Empowering, Equipping, and Promoting Self-confidence in girls through mentorship


To empower, equip, and promote self-confidence in girls through one-on-one and group mentorship


We envision a world in which there are communities that foster empowering relationships for girls, that influences self-confidence and leadership.

Core Values

Self Love, Self Worth, Self Respect, Self Preservation, Sisterhood, Awareness, Empowerment, Community Service

C.O.R.E. Standards



The Be Fearless academy is an empowerment based mentorship program that focuses on helping girls embrace their core through Christ, which promotes our core values. We believe that each core value is an ingredient of self-confidence. Our mentorship strategy is to provide an empowerment-based curriculum to mentors for implementation in their mentor-mentee relationship. We are dedicated to helping girls see their true self and embracing their true identity. We believe that once a girl has embraced her true self, she can confidently lead and empower others to do the same. BFF is committed to influencing the way girls view themselves and helping them maximize their potential. Our Program serves girls ages 13-21. BFF is a yearlong mentorship program that gives graduating mentee’s the chance to be trained as mentors at successful completion of their mentorship journey. This will be considered the BFF-Mentee transition program, where mentee’s transition from the role of mentee to mentor.

Ages 13 – 17 & 18 – 22

The power of mentoring relationship is important, NOW more than ever!

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Mental Health & Empowerment

Kujenga Tumaini believes that women and girls should have access to quality mental health services within their communities.

 We provide individual therapy to women and girls in a safe space that’s conducive for Transformation and Healing.

 We facilitate transformative healing support groups and workshops for survivors of gender-based violence.

Be Fearless Forever Academy

Kujenga Tumaini believes that girls have a higher success rate when they have a chance to engage in mentor/mentee relationships with qualified mentors and ongoing peer-to-peer support.

Be Fearless Forever focuses on empowering our girls to become the leaders of tomorrow

Equipping and

Kujenga Tumaini believes that educators’ benefit from equipping and training that addresses trauma informed care, behavioral health, and child development. It is important that educators understand what it means to be trauma sensitive and trauma informed while working with vulnerable youth.

Our trainings address parent teacher relationships, teacher and administration relationships with students, and safe learning environments for students.