BFFA is a girl centered safe space wherein program personnel match volunteer mentors with at- risk girls/mentees. Mentors and mentees generally meet on a monthly basis, with each mentor-mentee pair choosing where and when to meet. BFF mentoring program typically ask mentors to commit to mentoring for a minimum of one year which serves 200+ girls yearly in Kenya.

Most people education is path to a better future concerning job acquisition, wellbeing and financial stability. Kujenga Tumaini has opened their door through BFF program for girls aged 12 -19 from all walks of life, including academically, trauma sensitivity and socially vulnerable girls to help them build a better future and transform their lives.

Kujenga Tumaini has acknowledged that many girls lack family members and other social support system to go to for advice on issues they go through. Many girls are among those who are disproportionally affected by the absence of people in their lives who can help them foresee possible challenges and obstacles. For this reason Kujenga Tumaini have invested into providing a host of girls services through BFF mentorship program.

BFF program will help the girls as they go through challenging life transitions, including dealing with stressful changes at home or transitioning to adulthood. Close, healthy, supportive relationships between mentors and mentees that last for a significant portion of time (i.e.  one year or more) are central to success. Without this, mentoring program runs the risk of harming adolescent girls who are paired with mentors ill-equipped to meet the mentees’ needs. Specifically, relationships with mentors that last less than three months[ ; where there is irregular and inconsistent contact; where there is a disconnect between the personalities, interests, and expectations of the mentors and mentees; where mentors are unprepared and lack skills to relate to girls and where there is no emotional bond between the mentor and mentee have been found to be harmful.

BFFA program is creating opportunities for the girls aged 12 – 19 to develop as leaders and empowered to fulfil their dreams in their communities. It provides a safe space for the girls/young women   to connect through shared experience such as;

  1. Initiate and curate conversations around mentorship to discuss and explore ideas around empowering girls.
  2. Stigma/trauma -Change in sentiment in regards to conversations, perceptions around stigma.
  3. Self confidence/positive outlook in life-able to voice/speak about yourself confidently with your peer.
  4. Leadership and Communication skills for both mentors and mentees