#SecureHer Campaign

Sanitary Towels for Girls

Restoring dignity in girls by ending poverty through sanitary towels
donations and reproduction health education to girls in schools,
and those who are not in school.

70% of gilrs in rural areas within Kenya miss school during their menstrual
period because they dont have the resouces to purchase sanitary pads.

Number of girls to benefit: Approximately 500 girls.

Project cost: $2,000

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Mental Health & Empowerment

Kujenga Tumaini believes that women and girls should have access to quality mental health services within their communities.

 We provide individual therapy to women and girls in a safe space that’s conducive for Transformation and Healing.

 We facilitate transformative healing support groups and workshops for survivors of gender-based violence.

Be Fearless Forever Academy

Kujenga Tumaini believes that girls have a higher success rate when they have a chance to engage in mentor/mentee relationships with qualified mentors and ongoing peer-to-peer support.

Be Fearless Forever focuses on empowering our girls to become the leaders of tomorrow

Equipping and

Kujenga Tumaini believes that educators’ benefit from equipping and training that addresses trauma informed care, behavioral health, and child development. It is important that educators understand what it means to be trauma sensitive and trauma informed while working with vulnerable youth.

Our trainings address parent teacher relationships, teacher and administration relationships with students, and safe learning environments for students.