Hope of Refuge Center for
Girls Project (HORCFG)

Vision 2020-2021

Location: Homabay County Kenya

Our plan is to build a multipurpose center for girls that have a rescue home component for girls that are being sold into early marriage, sex trafficking, experiencing sexual abuse and teen pregnancy. All while providing day programs, counseling, mentorship, empowerment, and life & vocational Skills.

This center will serve as a one-stop center for meeting multiple needs. We will also include a baby room, for girls who come for the day programs and trainings so that their children are cared for while they are participating in activities.

Included in this project, we will drill water to help bring a solution to the near by villages who are struggling to have clean drinking water daily. There are two places we need to drill water that will allow us to provide water to our village and the other village communities in the area. This will also be apart of our sustainability plan for the center.


Number of Women and Girls who will Benefit:  Approximately 1,000

Project Cost:  Approximately $100,000 USD

Long-Term Goal

Build a Health Clinic and Social Hall in the near by 5 acre land, which is set apart for this purpose.

About Rescue Component of
the Center

Hope of Refuge Center for girls rescue component focuses on supporting girls ages 10-18 that has been affected by trauma.

We address trauma through mentorship and counseling in a unique family centered setting, while providing a safe temporary safe haven for girls.

It is important that our girls have access to quality mentorship and counseling at our facilities that addresses their trauma, and fosters healing. We understand that girls come from various traumatic backgrounds and it is our duty to assist in their healing journey.

We are dedicated to providing holistic care for our girls that caters to their emotional, spiritual, and mental transformation.

We are dedicated to making sure our girls are provided with opportunities of growth by making sure they have necessary access to education, life skills, and vocational training that help in their career planning.

We are focused on reintegrating girls into their communities and encouraging family reunification, once we have accessed girls are stable emotionally and can assure the environments they are being released into are safe.

Family Support

We are dedicated to working with the families of girls that are at our Center. We believe that healthy family relationships are necessary for our girls to continue to have a transformative healing journey.

Mental Health & Empowerment

Kujenga Tumaini believes that women and girls should have access to quality mental health services within their communities.

 We provide individual therapy to women and girls in a safe space that’s conducive for Transformation and Healing.

 We facilitate transformative healing support groups and workshops for survivors of gender-based violence.

Be Fearless Forever Academy

Kujenga Tumaini believes that girls have a higher success rate when they have a chance to engage in mentor/mentee relationships with qualified mentors and ongoing peer-to-peer support.

Be Fearless Forever focuses on empowering our girls to become the leaders of tomorrow

Equipping and

Kujenga Tumaini believes that educators’ benefit from equipping and training that addresses trauma informed care, behavioral health, and child development. It is important that educators understand what it means to be trauma sensitive and trauma informed while working with vulnerable youth.

Our trainings address parent teacher relationships, teacher and administration relationships with students, and safe learning environments for students.